TOUR 11: DMZ (Vinh Moc Tunnels to Hue city)

Travel to Hue, visiting the highights of the DMZ along the way

Vinh Moc tunnel is an accurately a miniaturized image of a deep underground village, it has become both a historical evidence and a tourist destination for discovering Vietnam’s history. To get an interesting adventure, the foremost suggestion is Vinh Moc Tunnel.

Vinh Moc is a military-civilian operation in the Vietnam War of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam against attacks by the Republic of Vietnam and the United States of America. The tunnel system existed north of Ben Hai River, Hien Luong Bridge during the years 1965-1972. It was within 17th demilitarized zone established under the Geneva Convention on Indochina in 1954, originally intended to be a military frontier that temporarily intercepted the interstate zone between the forces of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam with French troops and allied forces. In principle, the demilitarized zone is 1.6 km in length from each side of the Ben Hai river, starting from the Vietnam-Laos border to the east coast. It is expected that the temporary demarcation line will be removed after the general election two years later. However, it actually became a border for Vietnam during the war. It was not until July 3, 1976, that the Vietnamese National Assembly unanimously held its first session, officially eliminating the existence of the 17th demilitarized zone.

8.00: Pick up at GEMINAI Hotel & Café
9.30: Stop off at the Vinh Moc tunnels and the Ben Hai river Museum. You will be met by an English speaking guide who will walk you through the tunnels. It’s time for you to discover an authentic view of underground life. The Vinh Moc Tunnels are an amazing achievement of human toil and engineering. The Vietnamese had constructed the tunnels to provide shelter from regular bombings by American planes. By looking at the tunnels, it will be easy to understand why a small, beleaguered nation could take on the greatest military power on the planet and won in the war.

10.30: Visitor will see Hien Luong River. During the war, Hien Luong Bridge on Ben Hai River divided north and South Vietnam. Many Vietnamese people laid down their lives in there to fight for national independence and freedom. Historical relic sites located on both banks of the river have been recognized as special national historical relics. These days, people on both sides of Ben Hai River are jubilantly celebrating National Reunification Day.

12:30: Arrive in Hue. The bus will drop you at your hotel in central city.